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Greetings from  ! inJoy Philippines is the brand of choice for every aspiring entrepreneur. Our wide range of products aims to empower Filipinos to start their own business or negosyo! We offer NO FRANCHISE FEE plus safe, affordable, convenient and delicious products since 2011. In less than a decade our distribution has exapanded NATIONWIDE and has helped thousands of micro-entrepreneurs by being a part of their success stories

We are a brand created by Doxo Ingredients, a manufacturer of food seasonings, ingredients and flavorings for more than two decades. Our years of expertise and modern technology has enabled us to provide quality, innovative, and affordable products for more than two decades.

With inJoy, we believe that this is our way to enable aspiring business owners an opportunity to start with just a small capital. We’ve seen many success stories with their inJoy business through their hard work, dedication and innovative spirit. That is what inspires us to continue creating products for you. At the heart of inJoy is to see you achieve your dreams and provide delicious and affordable products to every Filipino.

Success story: Milk Tea Business with inJoy

“Kung hindi ninyo susubukan, hindi ninyo malalaman… Talagang napakaganda ng product ng inJoy, all in one! Napadali ang pagtitimpla naming ng milk tea. Nakakatulong talaga sa mga gustong magnegosyo kahit walang puhunan na ganon kalaki. Kahit sa maliit na halaga, kaya mong magsimula ng negosyo!”


inJoy is the brand of choice of the smart, economical, and fun-loving Filipino food entrepreneur. Every Filipino dreams to have their own negosyo to experience better quality of life. inJoy sees hopeful Filipinos and designs food products perfectly matching Pinoy taste for the aspiring Filipino entrepreneur to use in his very own food negosyo.

Products under the inJoy brand are all very convenient to prepare, great-tasting, wholesome, and very affordable—making inJoy the perfect negosyo solution to a hopeful entrepreneur. inJoy continues to help thousands of happy and successful inJoypreneurs nationwide! Produkto na talagang masarap, sa presyong abo’t kaya—eto na ang tunay na solusyon para sa inyo! Siguradong mai-inJoy niyo! 

Doxo Ingredients Inc. also provides business solutions to other leading food manufacturers and brands in the Philippine food industry. For more product info, please see this page.




The company continually invests in technologically advanced instruments to be used for development work in flavor chemistry and food science. Production facilities are equipped with modern food processing equipment for manufacturing flavors and seasonings in both liquid and powdered form. There is strict control on both the quality of the raw materials to be used in production, and similarly, on the quality of the manufactured products.

We are committed in giving added value to all our customers and business partner’s needs through the best service and support. Doxo Ingredients Inc. consistently supplies quality products that their customers are guaranteed to be satisfied with.